Études byzantines et post-byzantines

Launched in 1979

Études byzantines et post-byzantines (EBPB), published under the auspices of the Romanian Society for Byzantine Studies (SRSB), is a collection of studies that showcases state-of-the-art research in Byzantine and post-Byzantine studies undertaken by scholars of Byzantium from Romania and abroad. It also publishes proceedings from conferences and academic events organized by the SRSB. The series was established in 1979, under the direction of Nicolae-Șerban Tanașoca and Eugen Stănescu, and has published seven volumes. In 2019, under the direction of Andrei Timotin, the EBPB launched a new yearly series, published with Herlo Verlag in Heidelberg.


Andrei Timotin

advisory board

Ivan Biliarsky, Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony, Elena Boeck, Lia Brad Chisacof, Marie-Hélène Congourdeau, Vincent Déroche, Bernard Heyberger, Paschalis Kitromilides, Alexandru Madgearu, Paul Magdalino, Athanasios Markopoulos, Paolo Odorico, Andrei Pippidi, Srđan Pirivatrić, Claudia Rapp, Antonio Rigo, Juan Signes Codoñer, Tereza Sinigalia, Tudor Teoteoi, Pablo Ubierna

editorial board

Vlad Bedros, Ovidiu Cristea, Mircea Duluș, Ioana Feodorov, Petre Guran, Oana Iacubovschi, Mihail Mitrea, Simona Nicolae, Ovidiu Olar, Bogdan Tătaru-Cazaban, Ionuț-Alexandru Tudorie, Mihai Țipău

New series, vol. 1 (VIII), 2019

Faith and Community around the Mediterranean. 
In Honor of Peter R. L. Brown.

Editors: Petre Guran and David A. Michelson

Contributors: Peter R. L. Brown, Claudia Rapp, David A. Michelson, Craig H. Caldwell III, Philippa Townsend, Petre Guran, Nelu Zugravu, Mark Sheridan, Kevin Kalish, Jack Tannous, Uriel Simonsohn, Thomas A. Carlson, Maria Mavroudi, Hegumenos Dionysius Shlenov, Matthew J. Milliner

New series, vol. 2 (IX), 2020

La culture écrite des périphéries byzantines du Moyen-Âge à l’époque moderne

Actes de la session organisée dans le cadre du XIIe Congrès international d’études sud-est européennes (Bucarest, 2-6 septembre 2019).

Editor: Paolo Odorico

Contributors: Paolo Odorico, Sergio Basso, Nedim Buyukyuksel, Charis Messis, Romina Luzi, Elena Nonveiller, Sabine Fahl, Dieter Fahl, Ioana Feodorov, Xavier Agati, Aspasia Dimitriadi, Efstratia Synkellou

New series, vol. 3 (X), 2021

Afterlives of Byzantine Monuments in Post-Byzantine Times

Proceedings of the session held at the 12th International Congress of South-East European Studies (Bucharest, 2-6 September 2019).

Editor: Elena N. Boeck

Contributors: Elena N. Boeck, Maria Alessia Rossi, Charles Barber, Alice Isabella Sullivan, Michalis Kappas, Sercan Yandim Aydin, Mariëtte Verhoeven, Ljubomir Milanovic

Old series, vols. 1-7 (I-VII), 1979-2016

Volume 1 (1979)

Editors: Eugen Stănescu and Nicolae-Șerban Tanașoca

Contributors: Octavian Iliescu, Petre Diaconu, Silvia Baraschi, Stelian Brezeanu, Tudor Teoteoi, Nicolae-Șerban Tanașoca, Valentin Al. Georgescu, Ariadna Camariano-Cioran, Radu Crețeanu, Maria Ana Musicescu, Corina Nicolescu, Eugenia Greceanu, Dan Ionescu, Andrei Pippidi

Volume 2 (1991)

Editors: Emilian Popescu, Octavian Iliescu, and Tudor Teoteoi

Contributors: Emilian Popescu, Adrian Rădulescu, Ioan Barnea, Dan Gh. Teodor, Petre Diaconu, Tudor Teoteoi, Stelian Brezeanu, Victor Spinei, Șerban Papacostea, Octavian Iliescu, Ernest Oberländer-Târnoveanu, Emanuela Popescu-Mihuț, Valentin Al. Georgescu, Marin Cojoc, Adrian Gabor, Vasile Merticariu

Volume 3 (1997)

Editors: Emilian Popescu and Tudor Teoteoi

Contributors: Emilian Popescu, Tudor Teoteoi, Alexandru Barnea, Costel Chiriac, Dan Gh. Teodor, Ioan Barnea, Gheorghe Mănucu-Adameșteanu, Ernest Oberländer-Târnoveanu, Octavian Iliescu, Stelian Brezeanu, Andrei Pippidi, Vasile Merticariu

Volume 4 (2002)

Editors: Emilian Popescu and Tudor Teoteoi

Contributors: Emilian Popescu, Dan Gh. Teodor, Ernest Oberländer-Târnoveanu, Alexandru Madgearu, Gheorghe Mănucu-Adameșteanu, Costel Chiriac, Florina Fodac, Ștefan Andreescu, Octavian Iliescu, Vasile Muntean, Tudor Teoteoi, Petre Ș. Năsturel, Dan Ioan Mureșan, Adrian Marinescu, Petre Guran, Mihai Țipău, Sergiu Haimovici

Volume 5 (2006)

Editors: Emilian Popescu and Tudor Teoteoi

Contributors: Emilian Popescu, Metropolitan Daniel of Moldavia, Mihail Spătărelu, Ștefan S. Gorovei, Maria Magdalena Székely, Tudor Teoteoi, Ștefan Ștefănescu, Ștefan Ionescu Berechet, Mihăiță Gh. Bratu, Dan Gh. Teodor, Costel Chiriac, Petre Diaconu, Alexandru Madgearu, Mihai Ovidiu Cățoi, Ionuț Holubeanu, Petre Guran, Dimitri Nastase, Șerban Papacostea, Ernest Oberländer-Târnoveanu, Vitalie Josanu, Manuela Dobre, Ion Rizea, Tudor Dinu, Andrei Pippidi, Zamfira Mihail, Florina Fodac

Volume 6 (2011)

Editors: Emilian Popescu and Tudor Teoteoi

Contributors: Ionuț Holubeanu, Emilian Popescu, Tudor Teoteoi, Alexandru Suceveanu, Alexandru Madgearu, Ștefan Ionescu Berechet, Adrian Matei Alexandrescu, Dan Gh. Teodor, Mihai Ovidiu Cățoi, Andrei Timotin, Gabriel Custurea, Cristina Paraschiv-Talmațchi, Florina Fodac-Mureșan, Ginel Lazăr, Vasile Adrian Carabă, Ștefan Alexandru, Manuela Dobre, Petre Guran, Dan Ioan Mureșan, Petre Ș. Năsturel, Alexandru Simon, Oana Iacubovschi, Maria Alexandru, Lidia Cotovanu, Zamfira Mihail, Oana Mădălina Popescu, Cătălina Velculescu, Ovidiu Olar, Mihai Țipău, Adrian Marinescu, Günter Paulus Schiemenz

Volume 7 (2016)

Editors: Nicolae Șerban-Tanașoca and Alexandru Madgearu

Contributors: Ionuț Holubeanu, Șerban V. Marin, Alexandru Madgearu, Sergiu Iosipescu, Elisabeta Negrău, Ștefan Ionescu Berechet, Andrei Timotin, Mihail George Hâncu, Dragoș Gh. Năstăsoiu, Ion I. Croitoru

Information for authors

EBPB accepts only original and unpublished work, written in English, French, Italian or German. Any proposed manuscript is submitted to the Editorial Board and undergoes, within three months, an evaluation by two external experts. In the case of thematic volumes, the responsibility for assessing the quality of the articles belongs to the editor(s) of the volume. The Editorial Board can then decide to accept the manuscript as sent, to request changes from the author, or to reject it.

Manuscripts should be sent to the email address epbp@srsb.ro in a Word format. They will be accompanied by an English summary of approximately 1,500 characters. The iconographic documents will be sent in separate files, in high definition (at least 300 dpi). The authors are responsible to obtain permission to use copyrighted material. If they are too large to be sent by e-mail, they should be sent using an internet file transfer facility. The authors’ institutional affiliation must be specified, as well as their academic title and position.